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What Are The Schumann Resonances?

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the Earth's electromagnetic cavity (The space between the Earth's surface and the Ionosphere). The resonant frequencies are between 3-60 Hz and have distinct peaks around the following extemely low frequencies;

How Do I Read The Charts?

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Spectrogram The x-axis represents time, in hours, using Tomsk Summer Daylight Time (TLVA UTC+7) The y-axis represents the frequency between 0 and 40 Hz Date: A series of three dates are displayed horizontally at the top of the chart in order from left to right. Time: For each day a 0-24 hour sequence is displayed horizontally at the bottom of the chart. The timezone is of the location of the monitoring station, Tomsk Summer Daylight Time (TLVA). Color indicates amplitude (intensity), black and blue are the background colors and then the scale moves from green up through red to the highest amplitude represented in white

How Does This Affect Me?

It is interesting to note the close match between Schumann Resonance frequencies and the electrical activity recorded by an electroencephalograph (EEG) on the human brain.

Human brain waves have the following frequencies:

State Frequency range State of mind
Delta 0.5Hz–4Hz Deep sleep
Theta 4Hz–8Hz Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)
Alpha 8Hz–14Hz Relaxed but alert
Beta 14Hz–30Hz Highly alert and focused


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